What is the purpose of the text

What is the purpose of the text

1. What is the purpose of the text?

2. What is the text about?

3. Who was involved?

4. Where did the event take place?

5. Why did it occur?

6. What is the first paragraph about?

7. What is the purpose of the first paragraph?

8. What is the purpose of the rest paragraphs?

9. Why is there a sentence written between quotation marks? What do you call such a sentence?

10. What tenses are mostly used in the text ? why does it use the tenses?​

What is the purpose of the text

What is the purpose of the text

1. Apa tujuan teks itu?

2. Tentang apakah teks itu?

3. Siapa yang terlibat?

4. Di mana acara tersebut berlangsung?

5. Mengapa itu terjadi?

6. Tentang apakah paragraf pertama?

7. Apa tujuan paragraf pertama?

8. Apa tujuan paragraf lainnya?

9. Mengapa ada kalimat yang ditulis di antara tanda petik? Apa yang Anda sebut kalimat seperti itu?

10. Tenses apa yang paling banyak digunakan dalam teks? mengapa menggunakan tenses?


1. to inform about the world rarest turtles, its critically endangered.

2. about the world rarest turtle.

3. the expert.

4. suzhou zoo , southern china

5. due to hunting, over fishing and the destruction of its habitat.

6.one of the world’s rarest turtles has died in china.

7. to inform about one of the world’s rarest turtles, a yangtze softshell has died in China.

8. the expert has tried to artificial inseminate the creature.

9. sorry, cant find quotation mark

10. simple past tense. cause already happen.

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